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Basic knowledge of oil pump power plant is introduced

by:Suncenter     2020-08-25
power plant root knowledge introduced explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof electric motor under the condition of the rules, not provoked around explosive environment lighting electrical equipment. Explosive mixture: between the upper and lower explosion of combustible gas, vapor, mist and dust or fiber in mixture with air. High temperature appearance: electrical equipment within the scope of the rules of adverse operating conditions, may make the electric equipment component or explosive environment light all around electrical equipment appearance had arrived at high temperature. Temperature classes: electrical equipments used in explosive environment groups divided according to its high surface temperature. Ignition temperature, flammable materials from the morphology of the gas or vapor and air mixture, under the condition of rules by low temperature of the thermal ignition appearance. Flash: under the condition of a certain specification can make the liquid vapor released and presents a light vapor and air mixture liquid of low temperature. Small current lighting: under the condition of the rules in the rule of spark experimental installation, mixture can ignite small current. The explosion limit: combustible gases in the air, vapour or mist concentration, higher than the concentration will not be able to constitute the explosive gas environment. Lower explosive limit: combustible gases in the air, vapour or mist concentration, lower than the concentration will not be able to constitute the explosive gas environment. Explosion risk areas: explosive gas environment of rendering or expectations may present in great quantities, cause begged for the structure of the electrical equipment, installation and use the area of special measures. The limit temperature: electrical equipment or its components are allowed by the high temperature. It consists of the following elements must be: the risk of explosive gas mixture was lit temperature structural materials of thermal stability, thinking the limit temperature, should take the low temperature. Time: at high ambient temperatures, after arriving at the rated operating temperature stable ac winding, from the beginning after starting current meter up until the time needed for up to the limit temperature. Positive pressure type electrical equipment: has a positive pressure shell of electrical equipment. Positive pressure shell: adhere to the internal gas pressure is higher than all round pressure of explosive environment, and prevent the external mixture into the shell. power plant dust explosion-proof electrical equipment: design and manufacture according to the rule conditions not provoked around dust explosive mixture explosion in the use of electrical equipment. Keywords: oil natural gas booster pump electric unit types, and the oil natural gas booster pump electric unit price, the oil pump power plant USES
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