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How to choose suitable for oil pump electric unit of the motor?

by:Suncenter     2020-09-02
How to choose suitable for oil pump electric unit of the motor? Elaborate hydraulic circuit system and select the pump, valve and the operating mechanism, but select motor has a larger in and out of power system, it is not enough for the design of the hydraulic system. Generally, the designer only master chooses motor to safeguard is big, although this is safe, but the cost of the motor and power consumption is large. To this end, has found a selected motor specifications with the scientific method. In the technology in order to figure out the speed/torque motor response caused by co2 transfer pump characteristic curve and the characteristic change. Using this method can make the selected motor features suitable for different power required by the pump work cycle. On the analysis of the speed/torque curve speed/torque curve, in essence is a sign of a motor characteristics. It showed motor under a specific input voltage and power characteristics, there are four points on characteristic curve is very important. This requires knowledge of theory and practice. Keywords: pump power plant, the installation of the axial piston co2 transfer pump, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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