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How to reduce the noise when no seal self-priming pump work

by:Suncenter     2020-08-31
No seal self-priming pump is zheng sewage treatment project, digging, power engineering, chemical plants, metallurgical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food, fire safety, environmental protection, electroplating process, water purification, municipal engineering, national defense security, textile, papermaking, mining, engineering and construction and other industries to use more of a material conveying machinery. No self-priming pump seal not only using the wide coverage, and also many features. No seal self-priming natural gas booster pump application is very convenient, very cost-effective valve accessories goods. Not only has high temperature resistance, compressive strength, wear resistance and other properties, there is no seal use category of self-priming pump is very common. From the classification, no self-priming pump seal cone type, rectangular, flameproof, outdoor, carts move several categories such as varieties. Remarkably, the pump can according to the installation of interior space to carry out the selection space on the spot, flameproof for flammability, inflammable and explosive environment, outdoor facilities outside the motor under the condition of application, can be in open Spaces, trolley moving type, the centrifugal water pump all necessary changes to your working environment. No seal self-priming pump operation noise is very big, will destroy the machine equipment, and can also cause noise pollution, so be sure to do a good job in isolation, self-priming pump how can be more than the actual effect of vibration isolation? A, vulcanized rubber vibration isolation cushion border lines should not exceed plasticity block border lines; Channel steel motor shaft bearing area of the branch shall be not less than the total area of the support plate at the top of the vibration isolation components. Vibration isolation components should be done according to the centerline of self-priming pump generators symmetry layout. Layout of vulcanized rubber vibration isolation cushion location layout according to clockwise or anti direction. 2, when the generator set vibration isolation components chooses six support plate, in which four layout in plasticity or channel steel motor shaft Angle, the other should be set on the long border line 2, and adjust its position, the vibration isolation components reduce as far as possible consistent shape variables. Three, construction installation ZXP self-priming natural gas booster pump, stainless steel shall be immediately check, when installation should make the static data of vibration isolation components pressure shrink shape variables cannot be more than larger control values. And generator vibration isolation components should prevent with acid, alkali and solvent chemical material such as touch. Four, no self-priming natural gas booster pump seal generator vibration isolation vulcanized rubber vibration isolator installed application, under the seat in the bottom of a centrifugal pump generators, appropriate set channel steel motor shaft and choose reinforced anchored installation; Channel steel motor shaft and the vulcanization rubber vibration isolator using anchor bolt fixed in the middle. Five, vulcanized rubber vibration isolation cushion double string set, each layer vibration isolation pad in the middle with its thickness of not less than 4 mm galvanized sheet, thick steel plate should be leveling, vibration isolation pad with thick steel plate using adhesive bonding agent. Without the plan of the seal self-priming pump galvanized sheet specifications should be vulcanized rubber vibration isolation cushion each top 10 mm.
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