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Piston is at the top of the nozzle

by:Suncenter     2020-08-21
Only four reasons for low oil pressure. 1) Engine oil free or low oil 2) Oil natural gas booster pump wear or damaged or pressure relief valve spring, 3) The main bearing wear, Big end has nothing to do with oil pressure, because most of the pressure provided by the centripetal force) 4) Terminal broken or blocked. Low oil pressure will result in engine damage. CAM support bearing is the first failure, if the vehicle is OHC, because it is through the current limiter supply, low pressure will make the engine at the top of the lubricating oil to starve. If the piston at the top of the nozzle, may cause the piston/liner bite. The crankshaft and connecting rod bearing will be stuck. Low oil pressure oil pump power plant manufacturer's instructions may be lit up, the low pressure reading on the meter, or the click of the engine/tinkle. The main reason for the low engine oil pressure is the key parts of engine wear. With the passage of time, the engine bearings and seals will be affected by wear. Wear can cause these parts lost its original size, and the increase of clearance allows a large amount of oil flow. For example, from the launch of the main bearing wear. 001 - inch can result in up to 20% of the oil pressure loss. Simply a change of wear bearing can solve this problem, but in addition to overhaul engine, in the wear a lot of the old engine can't do much. Oil particles can also cause hydraulic serious problems. After oil flow engine, it will return to the oil pan, and can carry a lot of debris. Debris can lead to problems oil absorption screen and the oil natural gas booster pump itself. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil natural gas booster pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
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