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The oil pump is usually how to operate

by:Suncenter     2020-08-22
Oil pump is usually by the crankshaft through the drive operation. 油泵的输送取决于其尺寸,速度和设计发动机润滑有几个重要原因:为 滑动部件提供油,以减少摩擦和磨损冷却发动机部件以防范过热防腐蚀保护阻尼噪音和振动活塞和气缸壁之间的精密密封,活塞环主要负责密封作用油泵系统以下不同的油泵系统可供选择:齿轮泵齿轮泵通常为推入式或设计为带齿轮或链传动的泵。 By the speed of the transmission ratio choose them. Delivery depends on the speed of the gear and backlash. A gear pump manufacturing costs are relatively low. Crescent crescent pump save a space is located in the control of the crankshaft position. They are driven directly by the crankshaft, so they are at the same speed with the speed of the crankshaft. Compared with the gear pump, new type pump large even at low speeds can provide high pressure and high transmission rate. Like crescent pump, rotor pump rotor pump is located in the control end of the crankshaft and direct drive. They obtain high oil pressure and delivery rate, and quiet operation. Oil pump engineering, prototype design and production of led. We focus on several different types of oil pump, including: the variable natural gas booster pump, vane pump, cast iron pump, Gerotor pump, oil pump, aluminum crescent and traditional straight gear pump gear natural gas booster pump. In every application, every time, when using oil pump can provide on the performance of the spectrum. Every Melling oil pump with good quality materials, design and assembly to achieve high production standards. Melling pump adopts a new gear and gear rotor technology, to provide high levels of quality and performance. Gear machining precision of tolerance to ensure proper engine pressure and correct, efficient pump operation. End plate is precision grinding, with larger solid sex. In every Melling pump designed to replicate the actual engine operating conditions under the condition of single test pressure and flow rate. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger natural gas booster pump manufacturers
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