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Variable plunger pump manufacturer interview programmers experience

by:Suncenter     2020-09-05
Take notes! Ready to record a candidate says to start interview variable piston pump manufacturer. Say it surprising, a series of interview candidates, often can make mixed recall, if there are no notes, difficult to separate them. Before the start of the interview, find out the time to prepare for your questions. Write them down. With the problems in. Make eye contact, Also ensure candidate who dared to make eye contact with you) 。 Record the candidates how nonverbal communication; How is their behavior; If they are punctual, sooner or later; After an interview thank whether they will mail the letter. Then there is the record of your team members, the axial plunger pump company colleagues and leaders is how to evaluate candidates. Candidates also should guarantee not too busy at the record says and forget to pay attention to what kind of person he is. Ron in the long-term of the variable piston pump manufacturer recruiting experience has developed a habit, absolutely not in a room without a whiteboard for an interview; He is looking forward to the candidate is willing to, even the desires, stood up and use the whiteboard to show them how to face the problems before the variable piston co2 transfer pump manufacturer, or explain before they participated in some of the architectural design of the project, or they will be how to face the current plunger pump company is experiencing problems. This can help distinguish between speaker and actors talk. I like and discuss the problem of design patterns related candidates, such as how would you design a similar game of CARDS. Candidates should be able to make decisions about the composition of the object. For example, in the blackjack game need card, hands and players. They should be able to determine the object's properties and their mutual relations. When to use inheritance, when to use 'is - A 'and' from the - A 'relationship. May be more than one right answer, but the solution should be feasible. I found the interview I usually are willing to give answers and guidance, this interview is not spite of this, and like a kind of communication. The aim is to know to what extent we can work together. You need to get the answers to the questions below. , 'on a work is what aspects do you like? ', 'your colleagues and leadership? ', 'please tell me something you and superior leadership don't agree. ', 'because what reason you leave on a plunger pump company? ', 'what attracted you to our company? ', 'now why would you want to change your job? ', 'for a new job, what do you want to get? 'Learn to ask open-ended questions, that is, the candidate will not be able to simply' yes 'or' no 'to answer the question, such as the following questions. ? What kind of role plays? ', 'if you are on the axial plunger co2 transfer pump project responsible for developing the role of leadership, what are the different approaches? The practice of ', 'do you like what? ', 'strong technical strengths you what are they? ', 'what are you strong technical strengths? ', 'if the program design as the basis of a triangle, three vertices respectively design, coding and debugging, so, please tell me which one would you like to take the time to study? ', 'suppose you are in a continuous set of middle, one side is to develop a difficult algorithm, on the other side is to develop the user oriented IJI interface, you will put yourself in which position? ', 'imagine a straight line. At one end is leadership. At the other end is a kind of collaborative team organization way, that the leadership of the Shared by all employees, no one can distinguish leadership to team. What do you think of where you will put yourself in the online? ', 'how your manager will evaluate you? ', 'talk to you to seek help others will feel embarrassed. ', 'what do you think for the degree of organization work, an extreme is a highly structured, your task is to define the nature of writing, the other extreme is liberalisation, you often in the case of incomplete information to make a decision. Which one do you think you in the middle section? ', 'you want to be management? 'Keywords: variable plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump, variable piston pump equipment
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