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For the oil pump electric unit normally protect how should do

by:Suncenter     2020-09-01
For oil pump power plant electric protection should be how to do the usual pump unit is a kind of simple and compact co2 transfer pump, this paper proposes a has a shell made out of aluminum materials of oil pump electric units and set in the shell of the movable molding. This, the activities of the molding at most in part by a sintering, up to include a austenitic iron-based alloy material is made, and the made of a kind of data can be sintered in the molding has a up to for the shell of the thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion coefficient of 60%. power plant for power supply power run, it lower the camshaft is made of engine crankshaft gear mobilization. The protection of oil pump power plant maintenance should be paid attention to the following aspects: 1. Water will decay pump power units to stop application of oil pump's water supplies electric vacuum unit, vacuum pump, please come to room 1210 applications. 2. Contains a large number of solvent goods please first after removing most of the solvent in the oven, then used oil pump electric vacuum unit. 3. According to the order of the accurate application of vacuum pump, to avoid any signs of breath. 4. After application the vacuum drying oven, be sure to do something to clean, wipe clean the window of the vacuum drying oven. 5. Wipe out the anti-rust oil. 6. Eliminate governor cavity, fuel injection pump unit in the lumen of anti-rust oil, to participate in the designated brand of lubricating oil. 7. The anti-rust oil in the fuel line should be eliminated before application, access to the fuel injection pump power plant piping, persist in migration transformation fuel injection pump camshaft, electric unit until the oil valve seat tightly spewed clean combustion. 8. Fuel to choose proper. 9. Need to apply the label for fuel. As usual day application of 0 # diesel oil, applications - in summer 10, light diesel oil. 10. Application of the fuel needs clean, must not contain any impurities and moisture. Keywords: oil pump electric unit types, and the oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump unit price
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