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How to perform the pump power plant shell pressure test

by:Suncenter     2020-09-02
Mechanical energy generated from machine motor, hydraulic pump hydraulic oil tank from the pump itself can be moved to the connection of the hydraulic motor, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Into the energy of fluid/trigger hydraulic motor begins to spin, external components can be used to drive system. In we learn how to perform oil pump electric unit shell pressure test before, let's know what shell pressure is, and why to check. The graphic for axial piston pump. and water tank is needed. draws oil from the tank. When the barrel revolve around input drive shaft, it comes with the piston. Due to the piston with a figure of the inclined plate called the swash plate, which make them reciprocating motion. The volume of the reciprocating movement of the piston causes behind the piston as they are pulled out of the barrel and increases, then decreases as the push back. Pumping indoor makes a small amount of leakage through the tube and back cover, piston and its hole, clearance between the piston slippers and swash plate. Oil leakage from the place where it comes from back. Now let it like a traditional hydraulic system. Let us first remove the pump from the accumulator and puts it into his own shell. This produces the problem of the leakage of distribution. oil extracted from the external fuel tank. Leaks don't tend to storage, however, it was trapped in the pump housing. As a continuous supply of oil in the tank and the continuous leakage inside the pump, no leak leakage of equipment, pressure will be formed in the pump shell, until its high to blow out of the shaft seal, or cause the pump motor shell. Keywords: oil co2 transfer pump working principle of the power plant, the oil pump electricity unit price, the oil pump power plant model
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