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Product characteristics analysis of evaporation forced circulation pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-14
Hong ling evaporation forced circulation gas booster pump is my company based on the traditional anti-corrosive evaporation forced circulation pump, similar products of advanced technology integration company, improved the design and production of new type of pump; This pump is cancelled other evaporation forced circulation pump mechanical seal and is generally used to choose the unique structure of the impeller, high efficiency and energy saving, no leakage, pump life skills, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries. So fy evaporation forced circulation pump specifications, what are the forced circulation gas booster pump evaporation technology parameters, let's learn together. Evaporation product features a forced circulation pump, pump for vertical evaporation forced circulation gas booster pump, beautiful shape, directly mounted at the reservoir of medium to be delivered, no additional area, reducing the infrastructure investment. B, cancelled the mechanical seal, evaporation other forced circulation pump due to the easily worn-out mechanical seal shall be regularly maintenance trouble, save the running cost of the pump, improve the working efficiency. C, using a unique centrifugal impeller double balance, to handle clean medium not containing solid particles, and vibration, low noise, high efficiency; Adopt open double balanced impeller for conveying not clean liquid containing solid particles and short fiber, smooth operation, not plug. FY series evaporative forced circulation pump installation, use and maintenance: evaporation forced circulation pump in use process will have a vertical evaporation forced circulation pump common problems, so we do the following before using installation to reduce the use of at 8 o 'clock. after assembly, dynamic coupling, look to whether flexible rotation. Check whether there is metal friction, screw components, whether to tighten. 2, check the pump shaft and motor shaft concentricity, upper and lower coupling around cylindrical difference should not exceed 0. Keep 1 to 1 mm, coupling end clearance 2. 5mm。 3, the distance between the pump suction to the bottom of the container for suction diameter of 2 ~ 3 times. body and the wall distance should be greater than the diameter of 2. 5 times. 4, the liquid pipe of the pump should be setting up scaffold Cuan, are not allowed to support its weight on the pump. 5, check motor rotation direction and rotating direction of pump in line with the direction. 6, close the gate, on the road in the outlet pipe cooling water pipe. 7, starting motor, slowly open the outlet pipe idle valve to the position of pain to, put into normal operation. Always check the status of the pump and motor. The bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 75 ℃, bearing box should add enough butter. Above is the forced circulation pump specifications, fy evaporation evaporation forced circulation pump parameters, evaporation forced circulation pump is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, refining, dyestuff, pesticide, pharmaceutical, thin figure, fertilizer and other industries, carry on the tank is not shout suspended solid particles, not easily crystallized, forced circulation pump evaporation temperature is not higher than 100 degrees of the ideal equipment of all kinds of oxidizing acid corrosion medium.
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