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Review the performance characteristics of axial piston pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-19
Axial piston pump manufacturers generally consists of cylinder block, oil distribution plate, plunger and inclined plate and other major parts. Cylinder with multiple plunger and plunger is axial alignment, namely the plunger axis parallel to the axis of the transmission shaft, so called it the axial plunger pump. But it is different from the reciprocating plunger pump, the plunger of the because it not only in the pump cylinder for reciprocating motion, and plunger pump cylinder and swash plate relative rotation motion. Plunger with a spherical end contact with the swash plate. On the oil distribution disc with high and low pressure groove, each separated by a partition, sealing, respectively and the inlet of the pump and the oil outlet connected. The axis of the inclined plate with a tilt Angle between axis of cylinder body. Changing the Angle of the inclined element, can change the plunger in the natural gas booster pump cylinder stroke length, can change the flow of the pump. Angle is fixed quantitative pump, oblique Angle can be changed is called variable pump. The axial plunger pump according to different components of the tilt, oblique disc and shaft type two kinds. Swash plate is inclined plate one Angle, relative rotary cylinder caused by the piston in the pump cylinder reciprocating motion. The shaft axis and axis of cylinder body is the same. This structure is simpler, speed is higher, but the working conditions demand is high, the plunger end department contact with the swash plate department is often weak links. The swash plate of inclined shaft axis and shaft axis was consistent. It is due to the tilt Angle of a drive shaft plunger cylinder and plunger reciprocating motion. Flow regulation by swinging piston cylinder block in terms of implementation, so some say again cylinder type. Compared with the swash plate, it works, large flow, but the complex structure. Axial plunger pump compared with radial piston pump, exhaust pressure is high, it can generally be in 20 ~ 50 mpa within the scope of work, efficiency is high, the radial size small, compact structure, small volume, light weight. But the radial piston pump complex structure, processing and manufacturing demand is high, the price is more expensive. Axial piston pump is commonly used in machine tools, metallurgy, forging press, mining and hoisting machinery of the hydraulic transmission system, the abnormal widely used in high power hydraulic transmission system. In order to increase efficiency, when the application is usually use as the auxiliary oil pump gear pump or sliding vane pump, used to oil, make up for the leakage and keep the pressure in the oil. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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