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The axial plunger pump kinematics and traffic quality analysis

by:Suncenter     2020-08-07
Hydraulic transmission is becoming more and more wide, with industrial technology development from time to time. As hydraulic system the hydraulic pump of the heart is more important positive displacement pump, but the axial plunger pump manufacturer is the realization of high voltage, high speed and large flow of an ideal structure, the same power, the longing pump diameter, radial force and radial scale, commonly used in big torch, working condition of low speed, a pressure motor used. Radial and axial plunger pump compact structure, small scale, the moment of inertia is small, so the speed is higher; Other, axial piston pump is easy to be variable, can use a variety of methods actively regulate traffic, large flow. Throughout for aircraft hydraulic system, distribution system and the air in the engine fuel system. Hydraulic pump used in the aircraft in the first a model. Axial piston pump is widely used in engineering machinery, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, ships and other categories. On the air. Total power is usually bh0. 850. On 9 type satiety. 2 direct axis type axial piston gas booster pump kinematics and traffic quality analyzing 10 pump, when working under the swash plate Angle must be on the axial plunger pump. Piston and cylinder rotate together on one hand, the cylinder body plane do circular motion, on the other hand, the relative cylinder reciprocating linear motion. The composition of the two movements, get the plunger axis is an elliptical orbit. In addition, the plunger because there could be conflict and the relative rotation around its own axis cylinder body movement, the movement of plunger wear and smooth tend to be more uniform, the benefit of the plunger kinematics analysis, first is the discussion relative cylinder plunger reciprocating linear motion. Which analyzes do relative movement of the piston and cylinder stroke, the speed and acceleration, this analysis is the first parts discussion pump flow quality and stress distribution of life. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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