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The selection of corrosion resistant submerged pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-16
Visible on the market at present all called corrosion submerged pump, sewage pump so if they are real in the sense of no jam? Not necessarily! There are often a user's sewage pump before long in the sewage pool was debris plug lead to motor burn down and make a lot of users very nerve-racking, the basis of how to choose the sewage pump, is the key issue is the usability and reliability. Corrosion resistant submerged pump selection would you? To solve the problem for you, hong ling gas booster pump valve corrosion submerged pump selection need to pay attention to the seven elements: flow, lift, transmission fluid ( Liquid medicine) The specific name, temperature, liquid ( Liquid medicine) The concentration, liquid containing particles ( Size) The production process, installation environment. Below we specific look at. Corrosion resistant submerged pump selection method 1, flow: sewage pump flow should be according to the drainage second flow selected, ( The measuring unit: L/s) ; When a displacement adjustment, can select on drainage size flow, ( The unit of measurement: m3 / h) 。 2, head: sewage pump head according to hoisting height and calculating pipe after the loss. 3, medium: for conveying medium are some certain solid content medium ( Such as sediment) A mixture of liquid, the question makes sewage pump in the motor bearing capacity, bearing arrangement, meet the requirements of the pump body seal to be higher than the average pump, generally choose self-priming sewage pump or diving sewage pump. When in the selection and ordering, must know your chosen corrosion submerged pump seal and bearing capacity. 4, installation environment of use: use in the building sewage pump has a diving sewage pump, liquid discharge pump, vertical sewage pump and horizontal sewage pump, etc. And horizontal and vertical sewage pump pump set isolation requirements, to occupy a certain site space, therefore, less use in the building. 5, in the building, space is small, small displacement, give priority to choose scuba diving sewage pump and submerged sewage pump. Of submerged sewage pump, generally can be used in a more important place, its overall structure is compact, small volume, low noise, easy movement, simple installation. Remarkable energy-saving effect, convenient maintenance, without having to build pump room, working while being submerged into water, and greatly reduce the project cost. 6, public facilities should be set according to each drainage pool as a unit, set up a backup pumps, at ordinary times should be interactive operation, to reduce the long time load operation of the pump, improve the service life. 7, when extracting polluted wastewater with large medium, different collecting basin in the diving sewage pump outlet pipe should not be combined. Considering the submersible sewage pump has large pieces of debris, appropriate of diving sewage pump with a crushing device. When ascending contains more fiber content of sewage, corrosion resistant submerged pump diving sewage pump can be used with cutting device or channel.
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