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Variable plunger pump manufacturer rated life shortened because appeared the three wear

by:Suncenter     2020-09-05
Variable plunger pump manufacturer rated life shortened because the three wear, variable plunger pump wear can be divided into initial wear, normal wear and tear, abnormal wear three stages. 1 initial wear stage: variable plunger pump in the process of parts manufacturing, parts of metal surface micro roughness ( Surface roughness) Shaft or hole ovality and not straight degree, at the beginning of the metal surface to relative motion, relatively high speed movement between variable piston pump parts, at this time between the friction pair will produce slight friction and wear, parts wear away at an early stage. Normal wear stage 2: after a period of running-in, generate new between friction pair, the roughness of the high precision grade, wear at a slower pace. Stage in a relatively long stable use. 3 abnormal wear stage: at this stage, the metal material to achieve the rated life of fatigue cycle, the metal surface layer will produce fatigue, fatigue layer in the variable piston pump under the special use state of high temperature and high pressure, easy happening metal surface particle loss, therefore, sharp, wear parts after leading the failure. 4 variable plunger pump in running three of friction pair of relative motion, Hydrostatic bearing) Between the parts of wear and tear, make the gaps between the parts increases, more leakage in the variable plunger pump, the oil temperature rise accordingly. Variable plunger co2 transfer pump soft life from early period to the stable use phase and then to the fatigue spalling stage ( Severe wear stage) 。 The length of the three stages of time mainly depends on the cleanliness of hydraulic medium used. May affect variable plunger pump soft life another decisive factor, is a variable plunger co2 transfer pump bearing service life. For bearing axial load in the variable piston pump shell rotation, variable plunger pump shell three friction pair ( 1 block valve surface and valve plate; 2 plunger rod and cylinder hole; 3 sliding boots and swash plate) Friction parts of high-speed rotation, the metal surface of relative movement, the contact friction, metal and metal cutting and adhesive failure, and because the local high temperature, due to large size metal oxide particles fatigue spalling, peeling metal particles could not be outside eduction variable plunger co2 transfer pump shell and accumulated in the hydraulic variable plunger pump shell. Dependent variable plunger pump shell filled with hydraulic oil, deposition of metal particles and hydraulic oil mixed together with the variable plunger pump shaft and the rotation of the cylinder body and the casing vortex drift, intensifying within the variable piston pump bearing wear. Bearing wear to increase after the clearance, bearing clearance increases bearing rotation accuracy decreases after, cannot guarantee the relative motion of the valve plate and cylinder precision, so again damage variable plunger pump three pairs of hydrostatic equilibrium between friction pair, destruction of hydrostatic bearing ( Three pairs of friction pair) Will accelerate the wear. Even if the use of hydraulic medium meet cleanliness standards, bearing and a basic rating life. Life is divided into (rating of the bearing 1) Nominal rated life; ( 2) The modified rated life; ( 3) Deep computing rated life. Variable plunger pump with bearing the basic rating life refers to a large group of 90% of the same type of the bearing before fatigue symptom appeared for the first time meet or exceed the life. Is rated life calculation on the basis of consistent with ISO281, Lundberg and Palmgren fatigue theory, the theory considering many factors, including the fatigue limit of material, lubrication, relationship between load and lubrication gap and the bearing friction characteristics and load distribution, in the calculation of basic rated life should consider other factors, such as the effect of lubrication and pollution. But if the oil has more than 10 microns metal particles wear factors, cannot clear calculation. The theory in the case of abrasive wear, usually a rated life value is given. Hydraulic plunger variable plunger pump use of roller bearing is INA company. Achieve FZG experiments at least wear resistance level 10, cleanliness of NAS1638 magnitude 8, with a beta ⒑ of 100 or more soft bearing life of hydraulic oil filter. Keywords: variable plunger pump, variable plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump
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