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The correct pump installation of an unit step is what

by:Suncenter     2020-09-01
Usually, the oil pump power unit should be installed on the solid base plate, and is supported by a solid concrete foundation. Through the pump and piping system and drive motor clear aim, also needs to be properly connected to the pump system. Solid foundation and grouting can make devices, uninterrupted service, without the need to constantly readjust. Everyone should be concerned about is that when installing the pump only use good material and suitable design. Big to absorb vibration and form a concrete foundation slab of permanent rigid support. Frequently used rule of thumb is that the base should be about five times the weight of the pump/motor components, and about 6 inches long than the substrate. Anchor bolt is usually sleeve or 'J' type, and certification under floor contour map location. Before installing the floor should be flat by defective concrete cutting the entire surface of the foundation, to keep its rough, but level. Then on the surface to remove oil, grease and loose particles. Although the industry as a whole individual practice each are not identical, but most of the leading companies tend to before installing co2 transfer pump and drive from the floor will be removed. This is advantageous to the base level off and eliminate deformation. Bottom should be supported in leveling screws, washers or metal wedge, and near the foundation bolt set a small cone. Leveling screws and other areas that need to prevent mortar splash should be covered with wax, adhered to in order to prevent the mortar on them. By adjusting the adjusting device and use clear levels, check the floor surface of the machine installation. Ensure floor surface of the machine installation level, flat and parallel. Above is the co2 transfer pump power plant factory installation pump electrical power units for you the right steps. Key words: oil pump electric installation method, oil pump electric unit instructions, oil co2 transfer pump electricity purchasing unit
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